Beardcast 91: I Think This Video Game Thing Is Here To Stay

Do you have skills? Are they in such a way that they could, in fact, pay the bills? If not, let the Bearders school you on all things skillful! Ever wanted to be an NBA star? Ever wanted to run a civilization using only Louie Armstrong's sexy musical prowess? Ever wanted to be downright frustrated by journalism outlets not researching topics? Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, Wes Gardner, Mark Bradshaw, and Brian Belida are here to guide your hand to greatness! THIS WEEK:

  • Imran gets a terrifying phonecall, and we make assumptions of who it might've been!
  • We discuss how Forbes and CNet are pretty terrible at this videogame thing
  • Floppy discsApple IIs, dedicated demo discs, and Voodoo graphics: It's PC talk!
  • Mass Effect 3's Ending DLC sparks controversy (also spoiler talk for MGS4, LA Noire, and ME3)
  • Preparing for Steam's Summer Sale
  • Wes tells a tale of his NBA career, and how (not) successful it was

ALL SORTS OF GAMES THIS WEEK! We have Civilization V: Gods and Kings,NBA 2k12Pokemon ConquestLSD, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands,Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, Fatal Frame, and more!

We have something for youuuuuuuu, it's the Beardcast! WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 90: Firstht Father's Day

Hello there, Bearders. Wes is working tonight, but we're going to hum our hearts out in his absence! Join Imran Khan, Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, and Mark Bradshaw (and special guest appearance by Parker Belida) as we discuss Father's Day and get in to the kind of serious topic of what's happening with the new Tomb Raider game. We talk about:

  • What people got for Father's Day
  • NeoGAF and the vocal minority
  • "Rape Culture" in video games
  • Gravity Rush and justifying your hardware
  • EA, Origin, and the cheapening of IP
  • The Microsoft Surface and competing with Apple

Games included this week are: Passing mentions of Diablo III and Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Gravity Rush, and Zombi U.

Happy late Father's Day or early Father's Day for those of you who forget to use protection within the next three months.  WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 89

Hello there Bearders, and welcome to episode babynine eighty-nine of the Beardcast! Join Imran KhanMatt PierceMark Bradshaw, and newest addition to the Nitrodad family, Brian Belida, in this laid back, pun-filled edition of the show! E3 2012's a wrap, and looking back on the show, we've got a few things to say. This week:

  • E3 2012, and what it revealed about E3's relevance
  • Brian's invention of the 'Belida Burrito'
  • Apple's conference, Iphone talk, and other tech news
  • More stories from the crazed world of Dragon's Dogma
  • Loot prizes, and how they don't transfer to real life so well...
  • Kotaku cramps on Imran's style, and misses the point to boot

Games this week include: Dragon's DogmaX-Men Origins: WolverineDiablo 3Civilization VGran Turismo 5, and more!

What's this podcast like? It's like finding out Christmas doesn't exist, and you've been Santa all along! Wait, what? WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast: E3 2012 Conference Special

Join Mark Bradshaw, Matt Pierce, Imran Khan, and host Wes Gardner as Nitrobeard dissects the five main press events from E3 2012. With three hours of coverage, the Bearders take a comprehensive look at the hits, misses, and surprises from each company.

We hope you enjoy this three hour episode of the Beardcast, as we feel it's a complete, full take on what was shown, how it was shown, and what it means for the future of our business. Don't think that this is our only E3 coverage, though! Expect more editorials throughout the week covering a variety of topics, and we'll take a hard-hitting look at some of E3's hottest reveals, and biggest titles.

Grab a snack, sit back, and let the madness commence, IT'S E3 WEEK BEARDERS, WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 88

Hey kids! Addicted to games?! Addicted to porn?! Then do we have a show for you! Join Wes Gardner, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and Matt Pierce on a very scientific, very highly-researched episode of the Beardcast! While we're not too busy thinking about videogames and porn, we're cracking wise about upcoming games, and E3 2012 plans! This week:

  • Dr. Zimbardo's study on how videogames and porn are ruining today's men
  • We discuss how 'Dr. Zimbardo' is a hell of a Bond villian name
  • E3 2012 Predictions! We have ongoing bets on who is more right, listen in on the picks!
  • The appeal of Day Z, and when realism in games actually goes too far
  • 4x games! It's the genre that keeps on keepin' on!
  • More awesome tales from the world of Dragon's Dogma
  • Gaming (or doing anything, really) with babies, and how the STAKES ARE RAISED
  • We discuss why Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 are a bit silly (spoilers abound!)

This is our first 2+ hour podcast in a while, and we've got the games to prove it! Civilization V, ARMA 2's DayZ mod, Endless Space, Sins of a Solar Empire, Dragon's Dogma, Gran Turismo 5 updates, and more!

Phew, good thing these shownotes are up, now I can get back to my unhealthy addiction to games-and-or-porn! WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 87

Giddyup, cowboy, and get ready for the newest episode of the Beardcast! We have the full crew of Wes Gardner, Matt Pierce, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and Brian Belida here to talk about auctions, babies, lawsuits, and maybe lawsuits about baby auctions! Okay, nothing like that last bit, but we DO have a pretty packed episode this week, which includes:

  • Diablo 3 impressions, and how it relates to Torchlight 2 and Grim Dawn
  • Dragon's Dogma, and how to properly wrangle cows, or whatever's happening above
  • The future of MMO titles, and what has to happen in the genre
  • Mark tries his hand at being a STALKER, and learns some depressing truths
  • Matt gives us Baby Update, and talks of Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Curt Schilling and 38 Studios: A Rhode Island Production
  • Endings in games, and which franchises should stay dead
  • Dennis Dyack's $1 mistake

Games, oh let me count the games! Diablo 3, Dragon's Dogma, STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl, Torchlight 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kingdoms of Amalur, Too Human, and more!

Who needs Kickstarter when you can ask your Mayor for money? WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 86

Stay a while and listen, Bearders, it's the newest Beardcast! Join Wes Gardner, Brian Belida, ImranKhan, and Mark Bradshaw for this week's proceedings, where we may or may not unlock the mysteries of the Barbarians! While Diablo hype has clearly taken us by storm, we also tackle a few topics that are primed for discussion! This week:

  • Diablo 3 is (now) mere hours from being released
  • The allure of the 'click-click' action RPG
  • Our own Matt Pierce had a beautiful baby girl! BABY TALK SEGMENT INCOMING
  • We take a look at Max Payne 3, and see if it fits within the Max Payne universe
  • Gamestop is now selling Steam giftcards, so what happened to the Impulse buyout?
  • Mark updates us on his transformation to the GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE
  • Board game discussions, and Kickstarter updates (Grim Dawn is funded!)

In games, we have quite a slew! Diablo 3, Max Payne 3, Company of Heroes, Mindjack, ForbiddenPlanet, Sonic 2k6 (wait, WHAT?!), Left 4 Dead 2, and more!

We've got the hottest tips and tricks for Diablo 3's release, to wait around and eat chips! WE'RE LIVE!


Beardcast 85

Welcome to the newest Beardcast, where we pass the uncanny valley threshold of adorable, and finally become creepy! Join Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Imran Khan, and the triumphant return of one Mark Bradshaw as they discuss bundle packs, movie comparisons, and birthday adventures! THIS WEEK:

  • Mark updates us on his knee situation!
  • Wii Shop Channel, and why it's upsetting that it doesn't get more love....
  • wait, why is Nintendo going digital on 3DS, then?!
  • Bioshock Infinite vs. Being John Malkovich: Ultimate Edition
  • $99 XBox 360 Bundle Plan is a sure-fire...uh...something.
  • Art styles in games, and where it can make or break an experience
  • Is there some sort of Beardcast vs. Jumpcast rivalry afoot?

Why yes, we DO have games, thank you! Legend of Grimrock, Left 4 Dead 2, Limbo, QUBED, ElShaddai, Infamous: Festival of Blood, and coverage for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that Matt just loves to pieces!

For the record, guys, my baby DOES fart alot, and how dare you suggest otherwise! WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 84

It's the start of the week, and like every good Cylon knows, that means a new Beardcast! Join Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, Wes Gardner, and special guest/Jumpcast regular Mike Lemieux as they discuss boardgames, NDAs, adding the letter 's' to words that aren't plural, and more! This week:

  • Wes covers his Guild Wars 2 beta weekend
  • Trials Evolution, and why Trials is a series even Meat Boys can love
  • Board game talk, and why Battlestar Galactica is super, super rad
  • Imran catches us up on the Hybrid beta
  • We're at a loss about what Matt should buy on the Wii Shop channel
  • Why Xenoblade is something you should be playing, like, now
  • We take a weird turn that leads us down a 'Speed' rabbithole into grammatical Hell
  • Counter Strike: Global Offensive hands-on, and its purpose alongside 1.6/Source
  • Charlie Brumfield's awesome episode of Sideburned, guest-starring Sean Vanaman

Games? We got those! Guild Wars 2, Xenoblade Chronicles, Hybrid beta, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Trials Evolution, Tales of the Abyss, various editions of Street Fighter 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and much more!

You read through all of the shownotes? Sounds like something a CYLON WOULD DO, WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 83

What's widely considered 'THE MOST INCREDIBLE, UNBELIEVABLE PODCAST MADE BY NITROBEARD, CALLED THE BEARDCAST', as stated in 'Bubba's Fishing Monthly'? Why, it's the Beardcast, of course! Join BrianBelida, Wes Gardner, Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, and Mark Bradshaw as the crew pass about superlatives, hyperboles, and overall rigmarole about this week's ALL READER MAIL SPECIAL! This week:

  • Our thoughts on the Diablo 3 Open Beta
  • 'Bad Influence', and how gaming coverage hasn't changed in 20 years
  • Our thoughts on Project X Zone, and Nintendo's conference thing
  • Our favorite Gaming Magazines of yore
  • Would we eat at this ramen shop (Warning: NSFW, but very suitable for hilariousness)
  • Matt takes us on a trip down memory lane, and has a few arcade stories!

Games! Uh, those are the things with the buttons, right? This week, we got Witcher 2: EnhancedEdition for X360, Diablo 3 open beta, a full gaggle of arcade classics, and a game we like to call 'Everything we say gets a rating out of 10'