Beardcast 101: The Wonderful 101


Remember When We Said The Beardcast Was Gone For Good? We Lied.

It's been 5 years (to the day!) since the first episode of the Beardcast, and the very first Nitrobeard podcast, hit the internet. For this celebration, we thought something special was in order. The founding fathers of Nitrobeard (Brian Belida, Wes Gardner, and Tyler Ohlew) come together to talk about what has changed since the Beardcast's inception, how our gaming habits have evolved, and of course, how long it takes a normal person to poop.

It wouldn't be a Beardcast without gaming though, right? Wonderful 101, Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, Fire Emblem, the SteamOS and what it means for the future, DLC (!!!), the model of free-to-play gaming, and where we think this crazy industry is headed.

DLC hate, Tyler singing, poop jokes, and PC gaming? Pinch me, it IS the Beardcast! We couldn't ask for a more Wonderful 101st episode. Come celebrate our 5th year anniversary, and who knows what's in store for next year...