Beardcast 95: Why Did I Download All These Games?

We're five weeks away from the 100th episode of the Beardcast, so what do we do? Celebrate by having Larry 'LarryPixel' Griffin from Cosmosaur stop by, of course! Larry is here with the Bearders (Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Mark Bradshaw, and Wes Gardner) to discuss Cosmosaur's amazing upcoming game Moon Intern, and gives us the skinny on some exclusive news concerning playable builds! There's 13 days left to fund the project, so hop on over to the Kickstarter page and get your foot in the door on what looks to be a fantastic indie game! Afterwards, Imran Khan joins the cast, and we cover:

  • Fez's patch woes, and which side we take on Microsoft vs. Phil Fish
  • Our Steam Sale hauls, and what we've been playing!
  • Which gamepad is the best for PC?
  • The deep, dark secrets of Precious Memories figurines
  • The difference between certain Indie Game developers

Games! Well, we got games! CRAZILY DISCOUNTED GAMES, THAT IS! Alan Wake, The Walking Dead, Age of Empires Online, Dragon Age Ultimate Edition, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Train Simulator (?!), and of course, Moon Intern.

Be sure to stay locked to Nitrobeard for the upcoming Sideburned featuring the Moon Intern team! There will be laughs, revelations, and lord knows a bit of tomfoolery! Head on over to the Moon Intern page and help fund a radnormous game!

What's that you say, mo' money, mo' interns?WE'RE LIVE!