Beardcast 94: But Capcpom

A rumbling's brewing and a brewing is a-rumbing. We enter the devestating world of Steam sales, board games, babies, and comic book movies. Join Brian BelidaMatt PierceMark Bradshaw, and Imran Khan as we do weird things to your ears in an entire episode dedicated to video game giant, Sonic R. Also other stuff.

  • Gabe Newell mugs us and we ask him to do it again (and post-production alarm sounds).
  • Kickstarters of both the Penny-Arcade and $99 Arcade variety. 
  • Dinosaurs and the bullshit addition of feathers.
  • Do you know what DC Comics is doing? 'Cause they sure don't.

Games discussed this week: King of TokyoSpider-Man: Web of FireSpider-Man: Maximum CarnageRAGEDear EstherPassageSonic Generations,DeadpoolAsura's WrathSuper Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012, and more!

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