Beardcast: E3 2012 Conference Special

Join Mark Bradshaw, Matt Pierce, Imran Khan, and host Wes Gardner as Nitrobeard dissects the five main press events from E3 2012. With three hours of coverage, the Bearders take a comprehensive look at the hits, misses, and surprises from each company.

We hope you enjoy this three hour episode of the Beardcast, as we feel it's a complete, full take on what was shown, how it was shown, and what it means for the future of our business. Don't think that this is our only E3 coverage, though! Expect more editorials throughout the week covering a variety of topics, and we'll take a hard-hitting look at some of E3's hottest reveals, and biggest titles.

Grab a snack, sit back, and let the madness commence, IT'S E3 WEEK BEARDERS, WE'RE LIVE!