Beardcast 91: I Think This Video Game Thing Is Here To Stay

Do you have skills? Are they in such a way that they could, in fact, pay the bills? If not, let the Bearders school you on all things skillful! Ever wanted to be an NBA star? Ever wanted to run a civilization using only Louie Armstrong's sexy musical prowess? Ever wanted to be downright frustrated by journalism outlets not researching topics? Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, Wes Gardner, Mark Bradshaw, and Brian Belida are here to guide your hand to greatness! THIS WEEK:

  • Imran gets a terrifying phonecall, and we make assumptions of who it might've been!
  • We discuss how Forbes and CNet are pretty terrible at this videogame thing
  • Floppy discsApple IIs, dedicated demo discs, and Voodoo graphics: It's PC talk!
  • Mass Effect 3's Ending DLC sparks controversy (also spoiler talk for MGS4, LA Noire, and ME3)
  • Preparing for Steam's Summer Sale
  • Wes tells a tale of his NBA career, and how (not) successful it was

ALL SORTS OF GAMES THIS WEEK! We have Civilization V: Gods and Kings,NBA 2k12Pokemon ConquestLSD, Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands,Penny Arcade's On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3, Fatal Frame, and more!

We have something for youuuuuuuu, it's the Beardcast! WE'RE LIVE!