Beardcast 85

Welcome to the newest Beardcast, where we pass the uncanny valley threshold of adorable, and finally become creepy! Join Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Imran Khan, and the triumphant return of one Mark Bradshaw as they discuss bundle packs, movie comparisons, and birthday adventures! THIS WEEK:

  • Mark updates us on his knee situation!
  • Wii Shop Channel, and why it's upsetting that it doesn't get more love....
  • wait, why is Nintendo going digital on 3DS, then?!
  • Bioshock Infinite vs. Being John Malkovich: Ultimate Edition
  • $99 XBox 360 Bundle Plan is a sure-fire...uh...something.
  • Art styles in games, and where it can make or break an experience
  • Is there some sort of Beardcast vs. Jumpcast rivalry afoot?

Why yes, we DO have games, thank you! Legend of Grimrock, Left 4 Dead 2, Limbo, QUBED, ElShaddai, Infamous: Festival of Blood, and coverage for the Samsung Galaxy S3 that Matt just loves to pieces!

For the record, guys, my baby DOES fart alot, and how dare you suggest otherwise! WE'RE LIVE!