Beardcast 79

I'm Brian, and I'm not nearly as witty as Wes with these Beardcast bumpers. He's out caring for his newborn child, so instead you can join Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Mark Bradshaw, and Imran Khan along with guests George Kavallines and Mike Lemieux. HERE'S A LIST OF THINGS I THINK WE TALKED ABOUT.

  • Some chat about the Mass Effect 3 ending SNAFU
  • Penny-Arcade; where they've been, where they're at, and where they're going
  • Smacking the back of your hand on a shark corner
  • Games we've been playing such as Kid Icarus, Draw Something, Tales of Graces, Wizorb, Mark's Pants, DOTA 2Sonic Generations, and more!

Music tidbits in this episode are all from the fantastic Shatter OST.

Shirts are optional for Episode 79, WE'RE LIVE!