Beardcast 78

The Sonic The Hedgehog 2012 Endurance Race for charity has come to a close, and over $1000 was raised in proceeds towards the relief effort in Japan! Join Brian Belida, Wes Gardner, Imran 'The Sonic Man' Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and George 'Gingerbread' Kavallines in this, our post-event wrap-up special. THIS WEEK:

  • Our favorite moments from the entire charity event (all 18+ hours of it!)
  • What we've been playing (besides Sonic, of course)
  • Metacritic, the 'game review structure', and how it saves (and destroys) companies
  • Advertising revenue, gaming sites, and what to make of it all
  • GiantBomb joins forces with CBS and Gamespot, but is it the right move?
  • Will this generation have 'cult classics', or are budgets too outrageous?

In game talk, we have: Tales of Graces F, Gemini Rue, Ys: The Oath of Felghana, Civilization 5, Forza 4, Pinball Hall of Fame, Vessel, RAGE, and more!

Trust us, you'll never look at ham the same way again. Tell us we're pretty, WE'RE LIVE!