Beardcast 73

Turn down the lights, get the candles, and make yourself a nice rose-petal bubble bath, because you're about to have the sultry sounds of Nitrobeard's Valentine's Day Special delivered straight to your ears. Join Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and Wes Gardner as they talk to you, and only you, on this intimate occassion. The mood is set, the fireplace is burning, and the seduction? Palpable. This week:

  • The Bearders discuss what it takes to get a job at Valve
  • In-depth discussion of Resident Evil: Revelations
  • We play our first interactive podcast game with you: The Ice Cream Challenge
  • Dramatic readings of something-or-other from Ctrl+Alt+Del
  • Non-stop food puns
  • Blizzard, Valve, and how DOTA is causing all sorts of trouble

Games discussed this week: Final Fantasy XIII-2, Resident Evil: Revelations, El Shaddai, Arkham Horror, Jak and Daxter HD Collection, New Orbit, and more!

After finding the music for this podcast, I'm pretty sure I'll never be considered a man again, WE'RE LIVE!