Beardcast 69

What do you get when Brian Belida's out of town, and the podcast known as the Beardcast is left up to its own devices? What truly happens when the patients run the asylum? Madness. Pure madness. Join Wes Gardner, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and special (returning!) guest Ryan 'BlazeHedgehog' Bloom from as they discuss a little bit of everything during this slower-than-normal news week:

  • What sort of state is Konami in, lately?
  • Why Tak Fuji should be the CEO of Nitrobeard
  • We talk baby drama, Beyonce, and Jay-Z
  • Mark's terrible Skyrim-related tragedy
  • We ask Ryan Bloom what his take is on Sonic in a Progressive Insurance ad
  • Other sorts of tom-foolery and wild antics since Belida's out of town!

I imagine Brian returning to see this place in pristine condition, but that's because we cleaned all morning, with Imran and Mark trying to shoo away the livestock and kegs we had going from the night before, all set to '80s montage music. Anyways, WE'RE LIVE!