Beardcazt 70

UNRELENTING PODCAST ACTION, IN YOUR FACE, ALL OVER THE PLACE! What do we got this week? How about a heaping helping of Nitrobeard's newest CELEBRITY POWERHOUSE, MATT PIERCE! What else we got?! HOW ABOUT --- Okay I'm sorry, I just can't anymore. Who seriously writes promos like this? Oh....Oh, that's who. Anyways, it's Episode 70, and this week, join Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and newest addition Matt Pierce as they discuss:

  • Razer claims they'll be the saviors of gaming! Oh boy...?
  • Penny Arcade's getting into the games journalism business
  • Dissecting THQ, their future, and what they need to watch out for
  • What the crew have been playing this past week

THINK YOU CAN HANDLE ALL THIS ACTION? PFT, YOUR GRANDMOTHER...UH....uh she's probably actually a very fine woman whom you should be proud of. WE'RE LIVE!