Beardcast 49

Oh my, Nitrobeard, are you seducing me? You bet your fanny we are, as we have the full Bearder crew back in action! Join Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, Brian Belida, Tyler Ohlew, and Wes Gardner as they discuss scripts being flipped, compelling iterations, visceral enigmas, and other ridiculous journalistic sayings that fans of the genre are sure to enjoy! It's a packed week, in which we bring you:

  • Reader mail!
  • Our individual picks for favorite developer
  • Diablo 3's controversial design changes
  • Nitrobeard's amazing shark detective story pitch
  • The fall of the survival horror genre
  • EVO 2k11 analysis
  • Final Fantasy Tactic's iOS pricepoint: wise move or arrogance?
  • Valve announces the million dollar DotA 2 tournament

We also go into great detail on a few fantastic games, namely Catherine, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy, Diablo3, and a nice sprinkling of Eternal Darkness for good measure.

Wait, so which one is my girlfriend again? It's the Beardcast, and IT'S LIVE!