Beardcast 47

It's about this time that I wish that Blanka from Street Fighter was an actual troll-man, because I could make some awesome pun about Capcom and trolling and stuff. Nevertheless, the Bearders (Tyler Ohlew, Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and Wes Gardner) are coming out swinging, as Capcom's doing everything in their power to ruin any and all goodwill gamers have built towards the company. Cancelling games? Blaming the fans? Re-releasing the same fighting games upwards of three times in a year and a half? Bonkers! In this episode:

  • Mark and Brian introduce Nitrofest Beardcon! Or Nitrocon Beardfest! Whichever!
  • Nitrobeard's official Livestream channel
  • Capcom vs. Nitrobeard: Showdown of the Immortals
  • Twisted Pixel's bizarre, sneaky business strategy
  • The success of indie games on Steam
  • old cartoon animation, and terrible CGI
  • EA's Origin is charging HOW MUCH for preordering Old Republic?
  • Wes's outrage against AT&T's DSL Internet 'service'

We do sincerely apologize for the slight technical hiccups in this week's episode, and know that the Bearders have hired a strike team, as they'll be taking to the streets to get things fixed.

This week, marvel at how many times Tyler says 'big boner!' WE'RE LIVE!