Beardcast: E3 2011 Day 1


Day 1 of E3 2011 (which is actually Day Zero) is a wrap! Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Sony each had their press conferences today, and the hits just kept coming. Join Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, and Wes Gardner (sadly no Tyler Ohlew) as they dissect the following:

  • In-depth analysis of each press conference
  • The theme of 'connectivity'
  • The hits (and misses) of the show thus far
  • Presentations: Are they changing?
  • What are we looking forward to the remainder of the week?
  • Third parties, relationships, and you!
  • The art of being humble

Don't think this is it, we'll have our Day 2 Podcast tomorrow evening, discussing Nintendo's conference, and some quality games we're eyeballing from the show floor! Keep it locked here at Nitrobeard for some crazy, wild antics that'll put Mr. Caffeine to shame!

In the interest of time, please put on your 3D glasses now, WE'RE LIVE!