Beardcast 43

Duke_Nukem_Forever 2.jpg

It's time to record the Beardcast, and chew on bad puns: And I'm all out of puns. Welcome to the ridiculous '90s edition of the Beardcast! Actually, the only thing from that terrible decade discussed this week is Duke Nukem, and maybe even a few other treasures from the era. In the first segment, Tyler Ohlew, Brian Belida, Imran Khan, and Mark Bradshaw soothe your souls with discussions of videogames galore, including InFamous 2, Link's Awakening, LittleBigPlanet 2 and Jamestown! In the second segment, Tyler tags out, and Wes Gardner brings the pain! Topics discussed throughout this episode include:

  • A final Nitrobeard consensus on what we should call the Playstation Vita
  • 3DS Games!
  • What Peter Molyneux and Gary Larson have in common
  • Origin vs. Steam
  • The trainwreck that is Duke Nukem Forever
  • Steam's addition of "Free To Play" titles

Here, sign this whiteboard saying that this podcast isn't on rails, WE'RE LIVE!