Beardcast 31

It's another bonkers edition of the Beardcast, as Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, Brian Belida, Wes Gardner, and fifth chair George Kavallines sit down to talk about the important things in life: Hopes, dreams, and how goddamn broken League of Legends is. In this rage-infused episode, the quintet talk of:

  • Bulletstorm!
  • Ducks vs. Penguins!
  • Mortal Kombat vs. Killer Instinct!
  • The truth behind the hit film 'Memento'!
  • Infinity Blade!
  • Boss Battles!
  • Radiant Historia!
  • Tactics Ogre!
  • Battlefield vs. Brink!

Join us for the touching second segment, in which we discuss a Lifetime movie where a young man becomes addicted to internet pornography, and Red Bull, in that exact order. Afterwards, we once again go through Reader Mail, in a segment we like to call...uh..Reader Mail? Your questions! Our answers! Nothing productive comes of it!

Buckle up your trousers, Betty, we're lookin' for Captain Planet porn! We're LIVE!