Beardcast 29

Image courtesy of internet superstar, Kyou.

Image courtesy of internet superstar, Kyou.

What's the difference between Nitrobeard and Kotaku? Well, join Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, Brian Belida, and Wes Gardner to find out in this amazing installment of the Beardcast!

In this episode, we start with the truly baffling redesign of Gawker's sites, namely Kotaku. It derails into some oldschool web development talk, complete with stories from our younger, more naive days. Afterwards, we jump right into Reader Mail! Delicious things covered this week are:

  • Battlefield 3!
  • Dinosaurs!
  • Suda51!
  • Ninja Cougars!
  • The tales and legends of Lightor!
  • Dick Wadham!
  • Steam Customer Service!

In the second segment, we discuss what Brian should buy with his $50 Amazon Gift Card, 3DS vs. NGP, and Canada's crazy scheme of capping bandwidth.  Games discussed are Red Dead Redemption, Killer7, You Dont Know Jack!, Radiant Historia, and the Dawn of War 2: Retribution Beta!

You paid how much for that thing? Nothing, silly, it's the free Beardcast, and it's LIVE!