Beardcast 61

What?! Whose footprints are these? The Beardcast is early this week, and Brian Belida, Wes Gardner, and Imran Khan are here to talk shop, modern some warfares, and metal some gears! With so much going on this week (and next), the guys recorded a quick impromptu session, which evolved enough to become a full, complete episode!

  • Reader mail! (Ultimate Marvel, Street Fighter x Tekken, getting busy at Starbucks, more!)
  • Goofy, ham-fisted storytelling in videogames
  • A bit more on Uncharted 3
  • Brian's tortured soul: Will he finally pay $60 for a PC game?
  • Modern Warfare 3 vs. Metal Gear HD Collection, who reigns supreme?
  • Wes pinches a nerve in his neck and lives to tell the tale
  • Andy Rooney, Heavy D, Joe Frazier, and the 'Rule of Threes'
  • Sonic Generations as an allegory for the entire franchise

As far as games are concerned: DC Universe Online, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and some savory Nitrobeard tidbits.... Can a Metal Gear Beardcast Special be too far away?

An early Beardcast?! Colonel, what's a pre-emptive podcast doing here?! WE'RE LIVE!