Beardcast 63

What do Wesley Snipes and SEGA have in common? Find out on this week's Beardcast! Join Imran Khan, Wes Gardner, Mark Bradshaw, and David Marchment (as well as a challenger that appears mid-cast) as they discuss games, gossip, be honest, there's actually quite a bit of madness in this episode. THIS WEEK:

  • Discussion on our upcoming Thanksgiving Special!
  • Wesley Snipes vs. SEGA
  • Nintendo's company vision is 'growing up'
  • Double XP, junkfood, and oh god my heart hurts
  • Kitase mentioning Final Fantasybecoming an annual franchise
  • Kojima and Metal Gear Solid 5 (note: now debunked)
  • Varied discussions about the Dreamcast

In games, we have Zelda: Skyward Sword (of course), Final Fantasy XIII-2, more Skyrim stories, Saints Row 3, and more!

Man, this holiday season is going by quickly, and I think Skyrim has something to do with it. WE'RE LIVE!