Beardcast 56

What a bizarre week. Occupy Wall Street, Steve Jobs' passing, and the horrors of X-Men Destiny all add up to make the Bearders all honorary mayors of Bonkerstown. Join Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, and Wes Gardner as they make sense of it all. This week:

  • Steve Jobs, his influence on business, the Apple cult, marketing, and why we'll miss him
  • X-Men Destiny, and why Silicon Knights made something so savagely wonky
  • Brian's mouse problem (protip: mouse traps don't work on Steel Series mice)
  • Occupy Wall Street, and the pros-and-cons of people collecting en-masse for obtuse reasons
  • The invention of Hockey Motocross (or was it Motocross Hockey?)

In regards to games, the crew talks of Dark Souls, Dead Island, X-Men Destiny, Team Fortress 2, more Battlefield 3 Beta stories, Sony finally putting PS2 games on the PS3, portable gaming devices, and more!