Beardcast 59


What's that you say? Drama on the internet?! You don't say! Well, it's time to call the Bearder Drama Squad, to hand out hankees, balloon animals, and various uplifting sayings to brighten your day! Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Mark Bradshaw, and unofficial official European correspondent David Marchment come together to talk games, forums, and metacritic scores. This week!

  • Uncharted 3's review scores, and truly insane people's reactions
  • Extensive discussion on Batman: Arkham City
  • PSVita's release in Japan, and some tidbits you may not know
  • Warhammer: Space Marine talk
  • Plans for Nitrobeard's Halloween Livestream event!

Games? Games! Arkham City, Warhammer: Space Marine, Renegade Ops, more Dark Souls, and much more!

Gather 'round, children, and let me tell you the tale of outlandish internet drama! WE'RE LIVE!