Nitrobeard 28

What do John Madden, Isaac from Dead Space, the 3DS, and Burger King documentaries have in common? Why, they're featured on Nitrobeard Episode 28, of course! Join Mark Bradshaw, Brian Belida, Imran Khan, and Wes Gardner as they travel into the deepest, darkest corners of geekery for an all-you-can-eat buffet of radnormous discussion!

In the first segment, the Bearders talk about the 3DS: The pricepoint, the launch games, the general internet consensus, the works! See what concerns we have for the system, as well as what we're most anticipating. In the second segment, the gloves come off, where we discuss Ghost Trick, Bloodline Champions, Alpha Protocol, KLOM, and Alan Wake. Topics discussed cover everything from Valve's crazy 'Portal 2 PC/PS3' announcement, why EA is ruining gaming with terrible crossovers, the untold story of a King who's close to our hearts, and some fantastic site news for

It's here, and it's ready to clothesline you like a PSP to the face! It's Nitrobeard, and WE'RE LIVE!