Nitrobeard 16: E3 2010 Special

After a nine month hiatus (!), Nitrobeard’s back for the long haul, and couldn’t have picked a better time to return! E3 2010 is officially in the record books, and in this episode, Wes Gardner, Brian Belida, and returning third chair George Kavallines dissect the ‘Big 3′, and weigh in on the hits and misses of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.

We discuss Kinect, 3DS, the XBox 360 slim, the return of Twisted Metal, Steam and PS3, the hilarity of Skittles the Tiger, and rank each company based on the amount of animated .gif material they provided us internet folk! We don’t stop there, as we discuss what we’ve been up to these past nine months, what games we’ve been playing lately (Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Super Quickhook, Alpha Protocol, among others!), and the open discussion of Lady GaGa and Battlestar Galactica (SCORE!)

Look at the water! We can go anywhere! Well, except for over here, IT’S RESERVED FOR NITROBEARD’S AMAZING RETURN!

Brian : Howdy folks! If you enjoyed the music we used in this episode you can grab it all from 16 Dimensional. With the exception of one track, all of them are by the greatly named and equally talented Dong.