Beardcast 101: The Wonderful 101


Remember When We Said The Beardcast Was Gone For Good? We Lied.

It's been 5 years (to the day!) since the first episode of the Beardcast, and the very first Nitrobeard podcast, hit the internet. For this celebration, we thought something special was in order. The founding fathers of Nitrobeard (Brian Belida, Wes Gardner, and Tyler Ohlew) come together to talk about what has changed since the Beardcast's inception, how our gaming habits have evolved, and of course, how long it takes a normal person to poop.

It wouldn't be a Beardcast without gaming though, right? Wonderful 101, Animal Crossing: A New Leaf, Fire Emblem, the SteamOS and what it means for the future, DLC (!!!), the model of free-to-play gaming, and where we think this crazy industry is headed.

DLC hate, Tyler singing, poop jokes, and PC gaming? Pinch me, it IS the Beardcast! We couldn't ask for a more Wonderful 101st episode. Come celebrate our 5th year anniversary, and who knows what's in store for next year...

Beardcast 100: The Last One

Normally, these shownotes are a place for rip-roaring hilarity, incredible topical humor, and courageous observations about the world at large, but this time, it's different. Can you feel the buzz in the air? It's finally here, and it's definitely worth the wait: It's Episode 100 of the Nitrobeard Beardcast! Join Wes Gardner, Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, and Matt Pierce as they talk shop, games, and lord knows what else! THIS WEEK:

  • HUGE news for Nitrobeard fans, and some shocking twists and turns!
  • Illiterate Book Club #2 winner, A Link To The Past, is fully discussed
  • Double Fine Productions, and their place in the industry
  • What happens when you mix Cards Against Humanity with babies?
  • Penny Arcade and Kickstarter: A Success Story...?
  • Our favorite things about conventions

Games this week? Ohhhh man, you asked for it! Guild Wars 2, Darksiders 2, Diablo 3, KOTOR 2, Brutal Legend, Gran Turismo, and of course, our Illiterate Book Club winner, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past

It's been four years in the making, but it's finally here..Without further ado, BEARDCAST 100! WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 99: Jet Li With A Moustache

Death approaches, and that can only mean one thing: A new Beardcast! Join Wes Gardner, Brian Belida, Imran Khan, Matt Pierce, and Mark Bradshaw in this atmospheric, gritty, visceral episode! Actually it's probably not any of those things, but we do talk about Rambo! THIS WEEK:

  • Darksiders 2, and what it changes (for better or worse) from the original
  • Sleeping Dogs, and how calling it a 'GTA clone' is a grave injustice
  • We discuss Sly Stallone films for some reason. Like, a lot of them.
  • The winning entry for the new Illiterate's Book Club is chosen!
  • The art of recommending terrible games!

We've got games-a-plenty this week, including: Darksiders 2, Sleeping Dogs, Iron Brigade, Unmechanical, Project Gotham Racing 4, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dead Space 2, Final Fantasy VII PC, Asura's Wrath, and more!


No but seriously, Death's standing over there, do we owe him money or something? WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 98: Metal Feelings

Do things look like other things to you? If you're a fan of hard-hitting journalistic questions such as these, then you can't miss this week's Beardcast!  Brian BelidaMatt PierceMark Bradshaw, and Imran Khan talk about Brony conventions in Virginia, Musou games, and more! This week:

  • What does "Girlfriend Mode" mean to you?
  • The possible troubles of Bioshock Infinite
  • We need The Walking Dead episode 3 now.
  • Analyzing Bronies
  • The errors of Dark Souls on PC and how it could become a dating sim.

In addition to all that, we have the first meeting of our Illiterates' Book Club as we discuss Beyond Good & Evil and talk about what worked, what didn't, and what a sequel would and could do today. The game talk continues unabated with talk ofSound ShapesAsura's WrathPersona 4 ArenaNinety-Nine Nights II,Mechanicaland much, much more!

Get out your mod tools and get ready to make a Beardcast dating system, we're eligible and WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 97: You Are The Triad

We've landed on Mars (again)! No, not the Beardcast, all of mankind, silly! In our excitement, we're covering all sorts of Mars inspired things! Okay, maybe not. Join Wes Gardner, Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Matt Pierce, and Imran Khan as we talk Mars landings, free-to-play switches, Wii U hands-on impressions, kidney buttons (?!), and more! This week:

  • Imran brings us extensive hands-on coverage for the WiiU
  • EA vs. Zynga: They're both evil, but who is MORE EVIL?!
  • Facebook, app annoyances, and how we're all old fogies
  • Final Fantasy VII PC's early release silliness
  • SWTOR goes free-to-play, but is it the right call?
  • Mark's biggest opponent isn't in SFIVAE, it's his arcade stick

Included in tonight's proceedings is TONS OF GAME TALK: Prototype 2, Dead Space 2, Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, Dungeons and Dragons Online, Asura's Wrath, Skyrim, and we scratch the surface of Nitrobeard's first 'Illiterate Book Club' game, Beyond Good & Evil.

Brought to you from the Doritos™ SKYCRANE on Mars, it's the Beardcast, and WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 96: Nude Heihachi

What does NBC, Catherine, Dungeons and Dragons, and the price of gas have in common? Absolutely nothing! Join the Bearders (Imran Khan, Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Mark Bradshaw, and Wes Gardner) as they discuss anything worth talking about. Did you know that gaspumps make even the most normal person OCD? Did you also know that we're 4 EPISODES AWAY FROM BEARDCAST 100?! OH MAN! This week:

  • Mark's trials and tribulations in Terraria
  • Lengthy discussion of Catherine story points (spoilers!)
  • NBC's dreadful Olympic coverage here in the US
  • 1996, and why it may have been the best year ever
  • Our newest idea: Nitrobeard Illiterate Book Club!
  • So..what's the deal with KOTOR 2 on PC?
  • Why Crackdown 2 was such a godawful mess
  • Why cable companies are being left in the dust

Games? Oh man, you asked for it: Alan Wake, Splinter Cell Conviction, 10000000, Final Fantasy for Android, Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop AND PC titles), Catherine, Project Gotham Racing 4, Asura's Wrath, Crackdown 2, and more!

You better tip that guy, he put gas in your bicycle with wings on it! WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 95: Why Did I Download All These Games?

We're five weeks away from the 100th episode of the Beardcast, so what do we do? Celebrate by having Larry 'LarryPixel' Griffin from Cosmosaur stop by, of course! Larry is here with the Bearders (Brian Belida, Matt Pierce, Mark Bradshaw, and Wes Gardner) to discuss Cosmosaur's amazing upcoming game Moon Intern, and gives us the skinny on some exclusive news concerning playable builds! There's 13 days left to fund the project, so hop on over to the Kickstarter page and get your foot in the door on what looks to be a fantastic indie game! Afterwards, Imran Khan joins the cast, and we cover:

  • Fez's patch woes, and which side we take on Microsoft vs. Phil Fish
  • Our Steam Sale hauls, and what we've been playing!
  • Which gamepad is the best for PC?
  • The deep, dark secrets of Precious Memories figurines
  • The difference between certain Indie Game developers

Games! Well, we got games! CRAZILY DISCOUNTED GAMES, THAT IS! Alan Wake, The Walking Dead, Age of Empires Online, Dragon Age Ultimate Edition, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, Train Simulator (?!), and of course, Moon Intern.

Be sure to stay locked to Nitrobeard for the upcoming Sideburned featuring the Moon Intern team! There will be laughs, revelations, and lord knows a bit of tomfoolery! Head on over to the Moon Intern page and help fund a radnormous game!

What's that you say, mo' money, mo' interns?WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 94: But Capcpom

A rumbling's brewing and a brewing is a-rumbing. We enter the devestating world of Steam sales, board games, babies, and comic book movies. Join Brian BelidaMatt PierceMark Bradshaw, and Imran Khan as we do weird things to your ears in an entire episode dedicated to video game giant, Sonic R. Also other stuff.

  • Gabe Newell mugs us and we ask him to do it again (and post-production alarm sounds).
  • Kickstarters of both the Penny-Arcade and $99 Arcade variety. 
  • Dinosaurs and the bullshit addition of feathers.
  • Do you know what DC Comics is doing? 'Cause they sure don't.

Games discussed this week: King of TokyoSpider-Man: Web of FireSpider-Man: Maximum CarnageRAGEDear EstherPassageSonic Generations,DeadpoolAsura's WrathSuper Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012, and more!

Coming soon to Nitrobeard, a Kickstarter demanding / asking for money to remove ads from the podcast description BUY MARLBORO, WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 93: It Becomes QWOP

This guy are totally sick, it's the Beardcast! Join Imran KhanWes Gardner, a little bit of Brian Belida, and ALL the Mike Lemieux you can handle in a tale of fighting, singing, dancing, reporting, and lovemaking. Okay, so the last part's a bit of a stretch, but what else would you call discussion of old school PC game boxes? That's lovemaking if I ever heard the term. Lovemaking for your ears. THIS WEEK:

  • It's Final Fantasy madness this week, with tons of talk, new and old!
  • We discuss EVO 2012, and which game stole the show for us
  • A shoutout to Moon Intern, a totally kickass game that deserves your support!
  • Steam Greenlight is a thing, which could be a GOOD thing to boot!
  • Would we want to make videogames?
  • Resident Evil 6 demo, and the flubs therein!

Games discussed this week: Theatrhythm Final FantasyPhantasy Star Online 2 (JPN release), Asura's WrathFinal Fantasy VII PCFinal Fantasy III for Android, King of Fighters XIIIUltimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3,Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and more!

Coming soon from Nitrobeard Game Studios: Michael Fassbender stars in X-Wing vs. Street Fighter, WE'RE LIVE!

Beardcast 92: Waves Of Dudes

We're flying high and riding...also high, I guess. We're back for Beardcast 92, continuing the slow countdown to the a century of Beardcasts. What do you mean that's not how it works? Screw you!

This week Brian Belida, Mark Bradshaw, Imran Khan, and Matt Pierce talk about:

  • Does Spec Ops: The Line revolutionize or sputter out?
  • Just how walking are the dead in Telltale's The Walking Dead games? Fairly?
  • How no one cares about Mass Effect 3's ending DLC!
  • Japanese-ass Japanese games peppered with a lot of "This game is confusing."
  • Dragon Age 2 and the added revolutionary feature of having Junk.
  • Sony and Gaikai are banding together for Cloud gaming - Microsoft silent on Barret gaming.

All this and more in the continuing DLC adventures of Captain Shepard!

What do you mean that's not a proper way to end a post, whatever, WE'RE LIVE!